Pacnet DataVault

Managing enterprise data is challenging – you need scalable storage space to accommodate exponential growth of your digital assets and a dedicated person to track, upgrade and back-up your data; some of these data may be stored in various personal devices making them even more difficult to control. You also need to regularly back -up your data for business continuity and compliance which calls for an even larger storage space.

Pacnet DataVault cloud-based online backup and recovery service provides you with scalable solution to managing your data assets without huge upfront investment – no need to buy storage servers and hire an IT staff to manage your business-critical information and data. Pacnet DataVault can back-up your notebook, the entire content of your hard drive, database and network servers regularly to a remote server. With your business data regularly encrypted, archived and backed-up, you never have to worry about losing valuable business information again.

Key Features

  • Single solution supporting desktops, laptops, and Windows® server backup
  • No CAPEX and ongoing data backup maintenance cost
  • No hardware, software investment and on-site installation required
  • Predictable monthly charging model based on backed-up capacity
  • Eliminates the need for IT staff to enforce and support endpoint data protection
  • Advanced encryption supporting either 448-bit Blowfish or managed private key encryption for secure, automated backup
  • Supports daily, weekly and monthly scheduled backup
  • Web-based and accessible anywhere  you can connect to the Internet

Business Connect+
Pacnet presents Business Connect+, a high speed ADSL2+ connection combined with Pacnet DataVault.

Pacnet DataVault gives you five fully functional licences and 25GB of storage in the cloud, guaranteeing that your information is always safe, secure and most importantly, accessible no matter where you are!

Sign up now on a 24 month contract and we’ll waive the setup costs as well as give you a $10 discount on the Business ADSL2+ connection. Full Details canbe found on the Plans & Pricing page

Standard Packages

Desktop and Laptop Backup

  • Pacnet DataVault license
  • Centralized administration account
  • Minimum 5GB storage per license, additional storage available in 5GB increments
  • File versioning support: restores files up to 30 days old
  • Minimum contract period required

Server Backup

  • All the features of the Desktop and Laptop backup, plus:
  • Online backup of Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Microsoft® Exchange™ data
  • Protection for data on networked drives

Supports Windows®:

  • Windows® 2000 (Desktop and Server), Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® 7