Pacnet Virtual Private Server

Do you need to upgrade your server environment to meet your evolving business demands?

Do want to build an advanced server environment without huge upfront investment?

With cloud computing, you can build an enterprise-grade server environment to support business growth while keeping your costs under control. Pacnet Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud-based server hosting solution provides you with access to advanced server infrastructure without huge CAPEX.

With virtual machines built from industry-leading hypervisor, servers, storage platforms and network equipment, Pacnet VPS offers top-tier server performance and resiliency through a monthly subscription model.

The Pacnet VPS package comprises of virtual servers, operating system software and optional extras such as Microsoft application software and data backup. Accessed though Pacnet IP VPN, which supports efficient any-to-any global connectivity, Pacnet VPS can be securely and cost-effectively interconnected to customer offices and remote workers by leveraging Pacnet’s robust network and data centre infrastructure.

With four standard configurations, Pacnet VPS caters to the needs of a diverse range of businesses from those with predictable computing and storage demands to those that need upward-scalable server infrastructure to support unforseen computing requirements.

Key Features

    • Enterprise-grade server infrastructure to support your business-critical applications and data
    • Monthly recurring model to help you control your server management costs
    • Complete virtual server package comprising virtual servers, operating system software and optional software and backup
    • Flexible packages to cater to varying computing and storage needs including predictable and unforeseen requirements
    • Powerful connectivity from Pacnet IP VPN to support multi-branch, any-to-any communication

Technical Description

Virtual Server Configurations
Pacnet VPS offers four virtual server configurations comprising of virtual CPU, RAM and hard drive to cater to varying computing and storage needs.

Small 2 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB hard drive
Medium 3 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB hard drive
Large 4 vCPU, 8GB RAM, 150GB hard drive
Extra Large 4 vCPU, 16GB RAM, 250GB hard drive

Operating Systems

Customers may choose either a Windows® Server Standard licence, or a Red Hat Enterprise® Linux subscription. Other operating system options are available upon request.

Additional Options

    • Backup services: A choice between seven- or 30-day retention periods.
    • Microsoft software can be provided as a monthly charge, or customers can use their existing licenses :
        • Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
        • Microsoft® Exchange Server
        • Microsoft Office®
        • Microsoft® Small Business Server
        • Microsoft® SQL™ Server
        • Microsoft® Visio™
    • Additional 500GB or 1TB storage volumes available.
    • Virtual Machine Image import[2] or export[3] .

Pacnet VPS is hosted in Sydney, Australia

[1]Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) must be purchased from Pacnet.
2Conditions apply to the structure of the imported image.
3Customers may take a copy of their Pacnet VPS data at any time for a fee.