Pacnet Monitoring

Do you lack the manpower to handle your network monitoring needs 24×7?

Do you need to guarantee security and availability of your mission critical services?

  • Real time monitoring for your mission critical services
  • 24×7 host or service monitoring
  • Instant notification when your system goes down and resumes service
  • Flexible alert times and alert methods
  • 3-tier notification escalation process available
  • Flexibility to change monitored host/services
  • Customised tolerance settings for monitored services
  • Dedicated Network Operations Centre

Pacnet understands how important it is for your business to always perform at its peak. But you can’t always be on-site every minute of the day, making sure that your business is up and running. So we’ll do it for you.

Pacnet’s monitoring solution provides you with 24×7 service monitoring and instant outage notification. You’ll never miss any potential emergencies. Best of all, your business will experience reduced down time and improved restoration time as you can respond quickly if your system goes down.

We provide two levels of monitoring for single to multi-site businesses.

Network Monitoring Level 1 – Monitors any host represented with an IP address including a modem, router or mail or web server.

Network Monitoring Level 2 – Provides deeper level network monitoring with assurance of a 3-tier escalation contact process. The service applies to any host or any services running on a host that is able to be monitored, including mail, web or domain servers.

Pacnet’s Monitoring solution is a vital and cost-effective option to ensure mission critical business performance.