Pacnet Domestic IP VPN

Do you want a cost effective private network which allows any to any connectivity?

Do you want the flexibility to expand your local network without huge upfront and recurring costs?

  • Ability to prioritise traffic according to your needs
  • Seamless connections to Leased Line, Metro Ethernet and DSL
  • Support for your mobile workforce or new bandwidth intensive applications
  • Flexibility to upgrade or downsize your network as your business grows
  • IP-based network – runs voice, video, and on-demand applications

When your business has multiple locations, secure and cost effective networking solutions are essential. A MPLS-based private network will allow you to interconnect your head office, remote branches, teleworkers and mobile staff, regardless of size, technology used or proximity to head office.

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), an advanced method for managing the flow and delivery of network traffic. It offers similar levels of security and performance as traditional ATM or Frame Relay private network access technologies, but at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike other private network solutions, Pacnet IP VPN is not restricted by access technology and do not require expensive, specialised VPN hardware. Any access technology is able to link into our fully integrated national network, which offers the ability for Traffic Prioritisation (QoS) and end to end SLAs*. And if you need to expand overseas, Pacnet Domestic IP VPN can offer you seamless connection into a Pacnet Global IP VPN service.

Remote secure access

Your mobile workforce can securely access your private network from anywhere in Australia with a Managed Roaming solution. This service includes unlimited dial up accounts with a streamlined online account toolkit to manage your multiple users. Remote workers can also link into your network with an affordable, high speed DSL plan.

Managed Secure Internet

Using state-of-the-art Cisco firewall technology, Pacnet can direct 10/100mbps of secure Internet into your private network. This affordable solution makes your private network more efficient, removes the need for additional tails to supply Internet access and reduces the size of your head office link.

Managed Hardware

Installing and maintaining your own network hardware can be complicated if you don’t have an on-site engineer. Pacnet will fully manage and maintain all hardware supplied for your Internet or private network solution.

Your service includes:

  • Configuration consultation with a network engineer
  • Management of all warranty features
  • 24×7 monitoring and failure response process
  • Installation assistance
  • Software and firmware upgrades
  • Ongoing hardware technical support

Pacnet is proud of our streamlined and efficient service enabling process. Because every solution is unique, all contracts of five or more sites are project managed. Your solutions consultant will introduce your project manager to you during the consultation phase to ensure services are delivered seamlessly and on time.

Pacnet is leading the way in customer service and solutions design by ensuring qualified project management specialists work with engineers and consultants to ensure everything runs to a precise schedule.

Your business will benefit from:

  • Fully project managed implementation
  • Ongoing support with a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact
  • 24×7 business grade technical support

Our business consultants can design a private network solution to meet the needs of your business.