CleanWeb Service Terms

1. Application

These terms apply to our CleanWeb service, and form part of our customer contract with you. They must be read in conjunction with our core terms at

2. Service

2.1. The service we provide is an all in one solution in which we provide (subject to these Service terms) website filtering which is made up of:

2.1.1. policy management;

2.1.2. security and anti-virus; and

2.1.3. reporting.

2.2. The collective offerings under clause 2.1 are the ‘CleanWeb’ service we provide you under these service terms.

2.3.The services are provided on a month to month arrangement, unless your customer contract says otherwise – either party may terminate the service on 30 days written notice.

2.4. You must ensure that all of your contact details remain current at all times.

3. Provisioning

3.1. If we agree to provide you with this service you must:

3.1.1. pay the set-up fee, in accordance with our price list;

3.1.2. pay the monthly service fee, in accordance with our price list;

3.1.3. do all other things that we reasonably require to enable the service.

3.2. You are responsible for setting up the service with the instructions we provide you, unless we agree to setup the service for you.

4. Operation

4.1. It is solely your responsibility to manage and set:

4.1.1. the filtering policies;

4.1.2. security and anti-virus settings;

4.1.3. the white list and black list for websites;

4.1.4. your customer equipment; and

4.1.5. the functionality and features of the service.

4.2. This service can provide reports, which may provide statistics such as the number and identity of websites blocked – it is your responsibility to access and review these reports via the portal and/or select to have the reports emailed to you.

4.3. The reports in clause 4.2, are provided on the basis that they may not be error free, and may not always be current.

5. Acknowledgments

You acknowledge:

5.1. that we do not warrant that use of the service will provide a virus, malware, or spam free environment;

5.2. this service should be used in conjunction with regularly updated desktop software to provide additional security, anti virus, anti spam and anti malware capability;

5.3. that you must monitor data usage with any data service you use with this service, to ensure that you do not incur any excess charges;

5.4. that we have no control over the content of websites; that the service may not be entirely effective in filtering web sites;

5.5. if you by pass the filters and or any part of this service, the service will not function properly and you release us from any liability for loss or damage that may result from this;

5.6. this service should be used in conjunction with regularly updated desktop software to provide additional filtering capability;

5.7. that use of the Internet subjects your computer to risk, and this service cannot provide absolute protection against these threats;

5.8. that you should regularly review your policies and settings by using the portal;

5.9. that you should implement a internet usage policy in your workplace;

5.10. that we are only able to offer the service where our wholesale provider agrees, otherwise we may terminate a customer contract without liability where we are unable to provide the service due to our wholesale provider; and

5.11. that our wholesale provider may require us to impose additional terms into our customer contracts, where they do, we will notify you in accordance with your customer contract.

6. Trials

6.1. We may offer 30 day trials (30 days from the date a service is provisioned for your use – ‘trial period’) from time to time, where we do, we will include an express term into your purchase order.

6.2. Where we have agreed to provide you with a trial service, you may terminate this service by advising us (in writing) before the expiry of 30 days from the date the service is provisioned for your use.

6.3. If you do not terminate this service in accordance with this clause 6 within the trial period, then we will continue to provide the service to you until it is validly terminated in accordance with your customer contract.

6.4.Despite anything to the contrary, if you do not terminate the service during the trial period in accordance with this clause 6, then you remain liable to pay for the use of the service (and the set-up costs) in accordance with your customer contract.

7. Dictionary

portal the online web based portal which enables you to manage the settings for the CleanWeb service
website a web page or collection of web pages viewable by using the http protocol, but excluding an FTP site