Co-location Rules

Pacnet Internet (A) Pty Ltd (made in accordance with Co-location Category Terms)

Current as at 1 January 2008

  1. You must ensure that your customer equipment does not draw power in excess of 1500W per rack cabinet or such other amount of power which we deem to be unreasonable.
  2. Power is provided on an A plus B feed (providing redundancy) – power consumption is determined by calculating the aggregate power use across both feeds.
  3. If you breach rule 1, then we may:
    1. impose an excess power charge in accordance with our Price List; and or
    2. require you to reduce your power consumption.
  4. Where extra cooling is necessary as a result of your use of customer equipment, we may deploy cooling vents and or other heat dissipation measures, the cost of which you will be liable for.
  5. We may audit your customer equipment at anytime to ensure compliance with these Rules or your customer contract with us. You must do all things reasonably necessary to facilitate us undertaking this audit.
  6. You must obtain our prior written approval before using data services provided by third party service providers.
  7. All cabling, (both inter rack and inter suite), must be carried out by Pacnet approved contractors.
  8. You must not damage or alter any lock or security feature that forms part of a rack cabinet, rack unit or the data centre.
  9. You must not erect or display any poster, sign or any form of advertising in the data centre, without first obtaining our written approval