Dial-up Category Service Terms

1. Application

These terms apply to all Dial Up service we provide, and form part of our customer contract with you. They must be read in conjunction with our core terms at au.pacnet.com/terms-and-conditions/.

2. Plans

At present we offer the following plans:

2.1. Unlimited;

2.2. Hourly;

2.3. Casual;

but we may make changes at our discretion.

3. Restrictions on use

3.1. You must not:

3.1.1. allow multiple logins of your service;

3.1.2. block caller line identification when connecting to our POP (point of presence);

3.1.3. disclose your user name and password to anyone;

3.1.4. use any modem or other hardware with a dial up service that does not have the approval of the Australian Communications Authority.

3.2. We may disconnect a dial up service:

3.2.1. if the connection remains idle for 30 minutes; or

3.2.2. once it is used for a continuous period in excess of a session limit.

3.3. We impose a size limit of 5 megabytes for each mail box provided with the dial up service.

4. Costs

4.1. You are responsible for all third party costs which you incur in using the dial up service including telephone connection charges.

4.2. Unless we agree otherwise in writing, we do not provide modems (or other hardware) with the dial up service.

4.3. We may charge a set up fee and monthly access fee to enable and maintain a dial up service.

5. Acknowledgments

You acknowledge that:

5.1. use of the dial up service will incur telephone connection and usage costs which are solely your responsibility;

5.2. it is your responsibility to use the correct telephone number to your nearest POP;

5.3. it is good practice to regularly change your password to maintain security;

5.4. any modem or other hardware you use with the dial up service must be compatible, otherwise it may not function properly;

5.5. both the upload and download speeds may vary depending on the modem you use;

5.6. you must immediately report unauthorised use of your dial up service to us; and

5.7. the performance of the dial up service may be effected by the telephone line, and may not be continuous and fault free.