Business DSL Service Terms

1. What are these service terms about?

These terms are product specific terms for our Business DSL plans.

2. What terms apply?

These service terms along with our DSL category terms and our core terms (which can be found at together form your customer contract with us.

3. What contract terms are available for Business plans?

You can enter into a customer contract for either:

3.1. 6 months;

3.2. 12 months;

3.3. 24 months;

3.4. any other period which we agree to; or

3.5. any other period which is available in our online sign up process.

4. What is included in the Business plans?

4.1. All Business DSL services come with a:

4.1.1. fixed IP address and may be used with servers1;

4.1.2. dial up account with unlimited downloads, but with 4 hour session limits; and

4.1.3. Service Level Agreement contained in Annexure 1.

5. How are fees charged?

5.1. Excess usage on Business Plans with the same upload and download speed e.g. 512/512, are calculated on the greater of the uploaded and downloaded data volumes.

5.2. You may have to pay additional charges in accordance with our price list where you change the service e.g. relocation of a service, and change of speed.

1. e.g. web servers, and FTP servers.

Annexure 1

Business DSL Service Level Guarantee

  • The Service Level Guarantee (SLG) applies to Business DSL services only.
  • Target availability level for Pacific Internet’s network is 99.9%.
  • The SLG means that if the availability of Telstra’s DSL network falls below 99% in a calendar month, the customer will automatically receive a percentage rebate off their monthly subscription fee in their next invoice. The next invoice is the first monthly bill after Pacnet has calculated the outage rebate.

Rebates will be payable as follows:

Rebate levels Rebate
Below 99% but equal to or greater than 97% during a calendar month 10% of the base monthly fee* for the month in which the service level was breached
Below 97% but equal to or greater than 94% during a calendar month 20% of the base monthly fee* for the month in which the service level was breached
Below 94% during a calendar month 50% of the base monthly fee* for the month in which the service level was breached

*Base monthly fee is the monthly subscription fee for the DSL service, including optional extras such as O2O™ and additional GBs. It does not include excess usage charges or additional services.

  • The DSL network covers the Multiplexer which sits in the local telephone exchange through to the Core Network. Refer to diagram below.
  • Measurement of the availability of the DSL network does not include unavailability resulting from:
    • planned or scheduled network outages;
    • damage to the customer’s copper line;
    • services and applications provided by Pacnet, i.e. email, web hosting, usage meter and surfing;
    • customer’s premises equipment (CPE);
    • Force Majeure (acts of God and any other situations beyond the control of Pacnet).