Home Phone (Express Voice) Service Terms

1. What are these service terms about?

These terms are product specific terms for our Home Phone (Express Voice) plans.

2. What terms apply?

These service terms along with our Voice category terms and our core terms (which can be found at au.pacnet.com/terms-and-conditions/) together form your customer contract with us.

3. What contract terms are available for Express Voice plans?

3.1. If you:

3.1.1. don’t have a DSL service with us then there is no minimum term.

3.1.2. have a DSL service with us and you bundle it with the Express Voice service then the minimum term of your customer contract will be the longer of: 6 months; or the balance of the minimum term of your customer contract for the DSL service.

3.2. We may also agree on any other minimum term at our discretion.

4. What about pricing and discounts?

4.1. Our charges for the Express Voice plan are contained in our price list.

5. How are Express Voice plans charged?

5.1. We impose per second billing for:

5.1.1. long distance (STD);

5.1.2. fixed lines to mobile telephone; and

5.1.3. international calls; and all calls are charged in accordance with our price list but subject to clause 5.2 and 5.3.

5.2. We may impose charges in addition to call costs, including call connection, flag fall, monthly line access fee and any other charges that our wholesaler charges us.

5.3. We may change the way we bill where our wholesaler changes the way they bill the services we provide.

6. Are there any conditions surrounding the services?

6.1. Where you bundle DSL services with the Express Voice service, any service level agreement that applies to your DSL services does not apply to your Express Voice service and vice versa.

6.2. Unless we agree otherwise, we do not provide you with handsets or any other equipment.

6.3. Where you have other services in addition to the Express Voice service you agree to us invoicing them together.