Premium Services

What you should know about Premium Services

It is a requirement of the Telecommunications Service Provider (Premium Services) Determination 2004 (No.2) to provide all our customers with information concerning Premium Services.

What is a premium service?

A ‘premium service’ means:

  1. a carriage service supplied by way of a call to a number with an eligible prefix; or
  2. a content service supplied by way of a call to a number with an eligible prefix; or
  3. a public mobile telecommunications service that enables an end-user to access a proprietary network

Some of the types of premium services that you may access include:

  • An adult telephone chat service which has a ‘190’ number prefix;
  • A voting or competition line which has ‘190’ prefix where viewers can vote or enter a competition.

What are the financial risks associated with premium services?

There are significant financial risks associated with premium services, pricing is set by the provider of a premium service and costs are usually extremely high and charged per minute, for example a provider of an adult chat service may be charging $3.00 per minute (there may also be a flag fall charge that applies), on that basis you may be charged in excess of $15.00 for a 5 minute call to such a number.

Some of the ways in which you can minimise the risks of incurring unexpected high charges are:

  • Be careful to read the small print where a premium service is advertised, so that you can make sure you understand what the costs are;
  • Time your calls to premium services;
  • Lock or restrict access to your telephone to prevent minors or other unauthorised people from using premium services;
  • Ask us to impose call barring on premium services.

If you incur charges for using premium services, then those charges will appear on your telephone bill from us. These charges may also lack an accurate description on your telephone bill, so it may be difficult to identify the premium service that was called from your telephone. The person who is named on the telephone bill is the person who is responsible for payment of any costs which arise from premium services, so if a friend or family member uses your telephone, then you are responsible for all of the charges.

You can ask us to impose call barring for premium services at anytime, where we do so it will not effect the use of your service in with non premium services.

How can you complain about a premium service?

If you have any complaints concerning premium services or access to them, you can contact:

  • Our customer support line, 13 36 35 for residential customers and 13 36 39 for business customers or visit our website at – as your telecommunications service provider we can reimpose call barring for you and assist as your first point of contact;
  • The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) on 1800 062 058 or visit their website at – if you have a dispute with us or a premium service provider – the TIO can help as an independent dispute resolution scheme;
  • The Telephone Information Services Standards Council (TISSC) on 1300 139 955 or visit their website – who can handle specific complaints about premium services content and advertising;
  • The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) on 1300 850 115 or visit their website at – is responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, radio communications, telecommunications and online content.