Premium Email Service Terms

1. About

These terms are product specific terms which apply to our Premium Email services.

2. Application

These service terms along with our core terms (which can be found at together form your customer contract with us.

3. Term

Unless we state otherwise, there are no minimum term contracts with service – all services have monthly terms and may be terminated on 1 month’s notice to us.

4. Service application

When you apply for the service you must nominate the mailboxes the service is to be enabled on.

5. Features

5.1. As part of our premium email service we will provide you with:

5.1.1. basic anti virus filtering for mailboxes which you nominate in your application for the service;

5.1.2. basic anti spam filtering for mailboxes which you nominate in your application for the service;

5.1.3. a choice of mailbox size – subject to the corresponding fees and charges;

5.1.4. enhanced web mail access;

5.2. We may vary the features of this service at anytime.

5.3. Some of the features may be upgraded at extra cost provided you have applied for the upgraded service, and we have agreed to provide the upgraded features to you.

6. Billing

6.1. This service is sold in blocks of mailboxes.

6.2. You will be billed based on the number of blocks of mailboxes you nominate1.

6.3. A block of mailboxes must be identical (except for their name)2.

7. Obligations

You must provide us with all assistance that we require to facilitate the provision (or termination) of the service including the provision of all necessary consents and authorities.

8. Acknowledgments

You acknowledge that:

8.1. anti virus solutions such as the one offered with the service do not guarantee that all viruses will be stopped or detected;

8.2. the anti virus and spam filtering with the service should be used in conjunction with a regularly updated desktop anti virus and anti spam software;

8.3. in some instances emails which are not infected with a virus or are not spam may be caught or delayed by the filtering process provided with this service; and

8.4. you are not entitled to a pro-rated refund for the service, where the service is not utilised whether in whole or in part.

9. Wholesaler terms

9.1. We acquire some of the functionality for our service from wholesalers who may impose additional terms and conditions upon us (or the service we provide you) at any time.

9.2. Where a wholesaler imposes additional terms and conditions on us (or requires us to impose terms on you), or varies our wholesale supply contract, then we may vary these service terms without notice – but where we do we will endeavour to notify you in advance.

9.3. Any variation we make to these service terms take effect when we notify you, or at such other time that we may nominate.

9.4. The additional wholesaler terms that apply to this service can be found at and you must comply with these terms.

10. Dictionary

10.1. In these service terms, unless the context indicates otherwise:

block a group of 5 mailboxes which are identical in size and characteristics
mailbox a POP or IMAP mailbox for email provided and hosted by Pacnet
service our premium email service
wholesaler a third party provider of services to Pacnet (or its customers)

1 If you nominate 6 mailboxes for the service all with 1 gigabyte mailbox sizes, then you will be billed for 2 blocks.
2 If you nominate 4 mailboxes to each have 250 megabytes in size, and choose to have 2 mailboxes each with 1 gigabytes of size, then you are deemed to have 2 blocks, 1 block with mailboxes each having 250 megabytes, and 1 block of 5 with 1 gigabyte.