Privacy Policy | Pacnet Australia

This Privacy Policy explains how Pacnet Internet (A) Pty Ltd and Pacnet Services (A) Pty Ltd (collectively referred to as “Pacnet”) manages personal information.

Collection of personal information

The main way in which Pacnet collects personal information is directly from its customers.  This collection normally occurs at the time that a customer applies for Pacnet’s services. Pacnet might also collect personal information if a customer elects to call or write to Pacnet, in order to make an enquiry or a complaint.

The type of personal information collected 

Pacnet only collects the personal information that is necessary for it to know in order to provide services to its customers.  If it is a company that is applying for services, Pacnet collects the name of the person representing that company, and the business related email address of that person. Where an individual is applying for services, Pacnet collects the individual’s name, email address, birth-date and residential address. Pacnet does not collect any sensitive information, such as information about a customer’s health, criminal history or political beliefs.

Use of personal information

Pacnet uses personal information for its business functions and activities, including to:

  • Deliver and promote our services;
  • Maintain our business systems;
  • Manage our financial relations and credit procedures;
  • Authenticate the identity of our customers;
  • Deal with complaints; and
  • Comply with the law.

Pacnet does not sell personal information. Pacnet uses personal information to market its services only where a customer would reasonably expect to receive the marketing. Pacnet ensures that customers are able to ‘opt out’ of receiving such marketing.

How Pacnet holds personal information

Pacnet holds personal information in both electronic and paper form, in order to appropriately manage its services. Pacnet takes precautions to secure personal information from misuse and unauthorised access.

Some personal information is accessed by Pacnet’s related companies outside of Australia.  These overseas related companies provide operational, billing, and customer service support from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, but Pacnet maintains effective control of the personal information.


When Pacnet discloses personal information

Where disclosure is required for the same purpose that Pacnet collected the personal information (i.e. to provide a service), Pacnet may disclose it to other parties including to its partners, subcontractors or wholesalers, which are involved in the delivery of the relevant service.

Other parties that Pacnet might disclose personal information to include:

  • marketing agencies involved in promoting Pacnet services;
  • banks,  debt collectors, or credit reporting bodies (please refer to the Credit related information section of this Policy, below); and
  • prospective investors in, or purchasers, of Pacnet’s business.

On occasion, Pacnet provides personal information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies or courts, but only where it is required or permitted under Australian law.

Access and correction of personal information   

Pacnet’s customers can access personal information held about them, by sending an email to requesting the access.  Pacnet takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects is correct.  However, a customer can request to correct or up-date personal information by sending an email to detailing the request for correction.

Privacy complaints

If a customer has a privacy complaint against Pacnet, the customer can make the complaint by sending an email to . Pacnet will acknowledge the complaint and respond in a reasonable time-frame. If a customer is unhappy with how Pacnet deals with such a complaint, the customer may contact a regulator, such as the Australian Information Commissioner (, or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (

Credit related information   

The type of credit information that Pacnet holds about its customers is basic identification information, and information in relation to creditworthiness, including instances of a customer’s credit infringement. Pacnet may provide this credit information (including information on the customer’s previous credit-related dealings with Pacnet) to credit reporting bodies, which compile and report on creditworthiness. Pacnet might also collect credit eligibility information about its customer from credit reporting bodies (for example, Dunn and Bradstreet (Australia) Pty Ltd)), in order to complete a credit assessment before the customer applies for Pacnet services.  If a customer believes Pacnet has not complied with the credit reporting sections of the Australian Privacy Act, or the Credit Reporting Privacy Code, they may send an email to, or contact a regulator, such as the Australian Information Commissioner in relation to the non-compliance.