Business VoIP (Vocal Professional) Service Terms

1. About

These terms are product specific terms which apply to our Business VoIP (Vocal Professional) services.

2. Application

These service terms along with our VoIP (Vocal) Category Terms and our core terms (which can be found at together form your customer contract with us.

3. Terms

Unless we state otherwise, there are no minimum term contracts with our Vocal Professional services – all services have monthly terms and may be terminated on 1 month’s notice to us.

4. Plans

4.1. We may offer a number of Business VoIP (Vocal Professional) plans which contain differing benefits and inclusions – these can be found on our website

4.2. Where you choose a plan it applies to your service until you notify us that you would like to change – if we agree, any change we make takes effect from your next billing date.

5. Restrictions

5.1. All Vocal Professional services are both inbound and outbound – which means that you can make and receive calls.

5.2. The features identified in clause 6 of the Vocal Category Terms are not available with the services.

5.2.1 them being enabled;

5.2.2 compatibility with your handset or telephone system;

5.2.3 our continued offering of the features or any part of them.

6. Service

6.1. All International, National Capital, National Other and F2M telephone calls are timed and billed at a per second rate.

6.2. Local calls are untimed and are charged at a flat rate in accordance with your plan and our price list.

6.3. There are no service level agreements which apply to Vocal Professional services.

6.4. Access to premium 190 services is not available from Vocal Professional services.

6.5. Call charges are not payable for calls between Vocal Professional services – but standard data usage charges may still apply to the use of the service, unless clause 8.8 of the Vocal Category Terms apply.

6.6. All Vocal Professional services come with a Customer management portal which allows you to enable and disable features of your service.

7. Fees

To the extent permitted by law, we may charge you:

7.1. a call out fee for any fault or delay in activating a service, where you caused or contributed to the fault or delay; and

7.2. any other fee which we have to pay our wholesale provider – where that fee comes about because of any act or omission of yours (including any porting fees).

8. Dictionary

In these service terms, unless the context indicates otherwise

capital city Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney
F2M a call initiated from the service to any mobile telephone number
International an operator connected or direct dialed call initiated using the service in Australia to a place outside of Australia
Local an eligible local call as defined by section 106 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999
National Capital any call made from a capital city in Australia to any PSTN number in another capital city of Australia
National Other any call made using the service to any PSTN number outside any capital city of Australia